Why Wedding Video? -

Why Wedding Video?

Audra & Blake Wedding Teaser from Dave Oleary on Vimeo. The Beautiful Wedding of Audra Asher & Blake Schrey at Paradise Point Resort in San Diego. Make Up Artist: Chanelle Nager Flowers: Wedding Flowers by Melissa DJ & Lighting: Sound Illusions Music: "Good Life", One Republic, 2009 Moseley Music/Interscope Records Video Produced by Snaps Films

Videoing your wedding captures more than still pictures. It captures the essence, energy and emotions of the bride and groom. It collects your words, your expressions, your laughter and your personality!


Wedding DVD’s preserve the excitement of the wedding party, guests and venue in time forever!  Music played at your wedding is incorporated into your wedding video. You know the songs, songs that bring out a lifetime of memories and joy! They make you smile EVERYTIME you hear them.  


Memories you will cherish with your family, friends and the children you will have in the future. Priceless memories… you can hear the children now, with giggles and laughter. “I loved when they interviewed you and daddy on your wedding day! YOU called him your prince, and he called YOU his princess!” Words that can ONLY be kept and cherished on your wedding Video!


Because of the intense emotions and commotion that surround that special day, brides and grooms miss much of what was said in their wedding vows or the toasts that were made by their bridal party or guests.  Many brides and grooms replay the magic of the Cinematography (The movie you made together) on the DVD over and over just to reminisce about the moment their two lives were united. Others incorporate videos immediately into their family tradition playing the video every anniversary with their family and friends.


Imagine as you are both getting ready for the wedding ceremony to begin that you’re being interviewed about how you feel, just at that moment. Those words, that energy, excitement, joy and maybe tears can only be heard and seen in a video. While still pictures can collect a look, it cannot capture the breathlessness in her voice, the anticipation in his breath, that quiver that ONLY can be collected through the art of videography.


Wedding Video captures the pure silence right before she walks down the aisle and the entire crowd as they wait in anticipation of her entrance. Imagine hearing the sound of the swirling air when the wedding guests turn to see the radiant, glowing bride as she sashays into the view of her future husband.


80% of brides who don’t capture this special moment with video have regrets after. This is one of the most important days of your life, don’t miss out….capture it with light, sound and emotion. Imagine as you insert the DVD for the very first time, how much you can enjoy that one moment in time, forever …in your very own movie.

Written by Kathy Zwick